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Restaurants around the world reacting to the virus

There is no need to mention Covid-19 again and again as we are sure there is no one left on our planet who never head of it. The virus...

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The stars of hospitality: Florent Papp

And our interviews with the stars of hospitality continue! The guest of today's interview is Florent Papp, Assistant General Manager...

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The stars of hospitality: Tim Leon Theofanou

How many of your ever heard about Nobu? Guess almost everyone. First association that comes to anyone’s mind is of course the Nobu...

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A quick (international) foodie guide to Vienna

The Austrian capital has been ranked numerous times as the best city in the world to live in. Are you surprised? Countless museums,...

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MFW 2020: Events guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, I’m talking about Milan Fashion Week, the most chaotic, fun, interesting and lively...

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Top 5 Best Vintage treasure hunts in Milan

Milan Fashion Week is coming, are you still looking for some chic clothes to wear? Just always remember that VINTAGE is always the...

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There is absolutely no need to explain over and over again the importance of social media and the right communication in general....

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The Stars of Hospitality: Perry Petrou

Hospitality business is an endless world full of various fields starting from F&B service and finishing with theme parks. But what...

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Teatro alla Scala for a half price? Now and always! 

Is it possible to spend a fancy night out in Milano so that it’s not just a dinner? Spoiler: the answer is not no:) 

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Hot Pot? Why not?

Since a lot of people have asked me ‘‘where can I have some authentic and traditional Chinese hotpot in Milan?” or “What is actually...

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Small Luxury Hotels Of The World: 2020 EDITION

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) is the most desirable community of independently minded travellers and independently spirited...

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Virtual influencers are the characters, created via graphic design. They have they own background, active social life, promote the...

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