As the situation is still unclear in Italy, some countries in Western Europe and certain states in the U.S. have slowly begun to ease lockdown rules and reopen following coronavirus-related shutdowns.
However travellers are naturally still may be concerned about the possible infection risks while staying in the hotels or rent apartments.

According to latest news, Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International and Airbnb have already created new protocols, following which the tourism industry can go ahead these fears.

There is no need to mention Covid-19 again and again as we are sure there is no one left on our planet who never head of it. The virus has drastically affected absolutely every aspect of our lives and forced businesses to change their usual policies. One of the spheres that was “hurt” the most is of course, hospitality and in particular, restaurants.
Let’s see how the hospitality giants have been reacting to the currect restrictions around the world.

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SLH unveils its most anticipated luxury hotel openings for 2020. From a boutique hotel in Miami to a blissful estate nestled in Umbria, here is a list of the most exciting destinations and boutique hotels to look forward to this year!

“For all the violence imposed on her.
For all the humilation she has suffered.
For the body that you exploited.
For the intelligence that you have condemned her for.
For the ignorance that made you leave her.
For the freedom that you have denied her.
For the mouth you shut, and the wings you clipped.

Stand, gentlemen, now in front of a woman…”

(William Shakespeare)

The 65th edition of the Michelin guide is available in Italy from today!

The 2020 guide welcomes 30 new one-starred, two new two-starred and one new three-starred restaurants, making it the second most starred guide in the world.

Sustainable restaurants and campaigns in Milan

The BSO BLOG project was inaugurated in Ischia with a press trip, which will see the collaboration of journalists, critics, bloggers and influencers