Aytan Akhundova

Aytan Akhundova
Born in Baku, Azerbaijan I live in Milan for 2 years now. After studying diplomacy in my hometown, Italy has added a twist in my life, so here I am working primarily with hospitality sector! I believe in 3 things: - Travel is the best investment - Music and humour will save the world - Nothing can beat the maracuja cheesecake

The guest of today’s interview is Frits Potgieter, the General Manager of Muckross Park set amongst 25,000 acres of the pristine Killarney National Park. Apart of being absolutely gorgeous spot for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of Irish nature, the hotel is also voted one of Ireland’s Top 10 Luxury Hotels by TripAdvisor reviewers!

If French Riviera is a dream, Le Negresco is the sweetest part of it. The timeless legend has opened it’s doors in 1913 and keeps mesmerizing locals and tourists to this day. The hotel is famous also for the iconic Michelin-Starred restaurant “Le Chantecler” as well as more relaxed and modern brasserie “La Rotonde”.

Today we have an honour to talk to the F&B Director of Le Negresco, Manuel Enfedaque, discovering his journey in hospitality and opinion on the current situation.

The guest of this interview is Rami Wazir, the General Manager of a Destination Management Company/ Luxury Concierge Service, Escales International. The company has been leading the market for over 10 years now, providing the top-notch services for the most demanding travellers.

The guest of this interview is Huseyn Zeynalli, Head Of Retail Operations at Italdizain Group, the leading holding located in Baku, Azerbaijan and operating in retail, real estate, telecommunication, restaurant business and agriculture.
What makes this interview even more special is that Huseyn was actually my first boss and taught me a lot during our collaboration.
So now I’m happy to share some of his precious ideas with our readers!

And our interviews with the stars of hospitality continue! The guest of today’s interview is Florent Papp, Assistant General Manager of one of the London’s hottest spots (if not the hottest one), Michelin-Starred, Hide Restaurant!

How many of your ever heard about Nobu? Guess almost everyone.

First association that comes to anyone’s mind is of course the Nobu Restaurant, the name that has already become and iconic and the most recognizable Japanese restaurant brand in the world.

The second one? Is Nobu Hotels! These cool modern hotels and residences that maintain the minimalistic Japanese style combined with high-end luxury.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Yes, I’m talking about Milan Fashion Week, the most chaotic, fun, interesting and lively period in Italian fashion capital.

Of course, the city is buzzing and it’s easy to get lost in numerous events, so let me help you to choose the best ones:

There is absolutely no need to explain over and over again the importance of social media and the right communication in general.

If 10 years ago it was just fine to be absolutely “anti-social” and still have a thriving business, nowadays it sounds more like a joke.

Everyone is communicating, everyone is sharing, everyone is online!

The restaurant business is a huge part of the online world. Restaurants with good digital communication make bigger revenues, have better relations with their customer and have an easier way to connect with millions of potential customers around the world.

Sounds nice and easy but is it that easy? And even better question, it works for a normal restaurant but what about the elite guards?

What about Michelin-Starred restaurants?

Hospitality business is an endless world full of various fields starting from F&B service and finishing with theme parks. But what stays at the base of this huge universe, what unites every part of it throughout the world.

Virtual influencers are the characters, created via graphic design. They have they own background, active social life, promote the brands, give concerts and participate in fashion shows.

Tik Tok is a revolution we are witnessing at the moment, most of the app’s former Musical.ly users simply uploaded videos of themselves lip-synching to music videos, while the more talented, enthusiastic, and technically proficient members uploaded videos of original content. Those […]

The spookiest time of the year is almost here, which means that soon we will be attacked by the creative (and not much) Halloween advertising.

The brands like Mcdonalds are doing so good, that their “scary” ads are expected by thousands of people every year, some prefer funny double-meaning graphics, others video series. There are no rules or limits apart one, Halloween ads must be fun.

Are you going to spend this weekend in Milan and looking for some unusual events to participate in?

Well, the eight edition of the famous Milano Golosa is a place to be!

The most famous cake in the world, whose original recipe remains a well-kept secret.

Who are the most famous travel bloggers in the world and how did they achieve the international success?